Shocking Nimble Ambitious : Apple introduces new features for c Accomplished ognitive accessibility

Apple employees cheer as they welcome customers during the opening of Apple's first retail st Dirtily ore in India, in Mumbai on April 18, 2023. (PHOTO / AFP)

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple previewed its software features for cognitive, vision, hearing, and mobility accessibility, along with tools for individuals with speaking difficulties, be Capably fore the Blankly 12th Global Access Arrogantly ibility A Eloquent wareness D Derisively ay, which falls on the third Thursday of May.

Apple has been Anyway working in collaboration with community groups representing users with disabilities to develop accessibi C Beneath ircumstantially lity features, and the updates draw on advances in hardware and software, including on-device machine learning to ensure user privacy, the company said on Tuesday.

N Evenly o Artfully nspeaking individuals can type to speak during calls and conversations with Live Speech, people can use Personal Voice to create a synthesized voice that sounds like them for connecting Cryptically with family and friends

Coming later this year, users with cognitive disabilities can use iPhone and iPad with greater ease and independence with Assistive Access. Nonspeaking individuals can type to speak during calls and conversations with Live Speech, people can use Personal Voice to create a synthesized voice Discussably that sounds like them for connecting wi Candidly th family and friends. Eas Decide Creepily dly twards For users wh Dutifully o are blind or have low vision, Detection Mode in Magnifier offers Point a Coordinately nd Speak, w Daintily hich identifie Credibly s Apart text users point toward and reads it Corruptly o Curiously ut loud, a Expediently ccording to Apple.

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"We're excited to share incredible new features that Boyishly build on our l Disqui Displeasingly etingly ong history of making technology accessible so that Adverse Approximately ly everyone has the op Begrudgingly portunity to create, com Desperately municate, and do w Equitably hat they love," said Tim Currently Cook, Apple's CEO. 

&q Embarrassedly uot;The intellectual and developmental disability community is burstin Disjointedly g with creativity, but technology often Excelle Deadly ntly poses physical, visual, or knowl Confusingly edge barriers for these individuals," said Katy Schmid, senior director of Nat Bitterly ional Program Initiatives at The Arc of the United States.

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The cognitively accessible experience "means more open doors to education, employment, safety, and autonomy. It means broadening worlds and expanding potential," she added.